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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  January 24, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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that apparently show an abduction attempt in the south bay. . good evening. it's thursday january 24th. this is bay area news at 7. a san jose neighborhood is on edge tonight after a then-year-old girl reported an attempted kidnapping. 13-year-old grirl. girl. last friday, the attempted abduction of a 13-year-old girl was caught on tape. >> i couldn't believe it. >> look closely and you can see her walking along east st. james street. she's apparently dragged into a
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driveway. the girl runs off after several seconds. >> neighbors heard the commotion and came running. he actually started serving for the man before the police arrived. >> you came to my neighborhood and get me that up se. it wasn't my family but at that point, it became my girl being my family. >> san jose police recognized this man. i was, lieshgs i know it's in this ---y i was, like, i know i've seen him in this area. i've seen him before. >> i will not rest until he gets caught. >> authorities released a statement saying there were no new leads in the case. they still haven't seen his video which captures the scene from 2 angels. he's hoping they might find some more clues there. >> i'm looking out for her now. i want to make sure justice is served. >> anyone with information on this case is asked to call
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police. in the meantime, he's hoping police will contact him about his video. we're learning more tonight, about the shooting of 2 teenagers in elasrito. >> 1 of the teens remains in stable condition, the other not seriously hurt. it happened under the bart tracks. they attend a nearby albany high. 3 men approached the students and asked about 1 student's shoes. >> the incident became more aggressive, and 1 of our students shoot up from a sitting position and when he did so, 1 of the assailants fired. their investigation has not determined any solid link to the shoes the teen wore. california governor jerry brourn offered a state of the -- brown offered a state of the
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state address, a projected budget surplus. he advocated a halt to tuition high schools. >> i'm not going to let the students of california become the default financiers. many appreciated his talk of smaller, leaner government. the real question is, how is his red rick going to be matched hup -- rhetoric going to be matched up by his actions. the 74-year-old governor summed up his speech by saying california is back. the latest job data say number of people seeking unemployment benefits has dropped. >> in just the last 2 minutes
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we saw former republican national committee chair michael steal. he was here in this area. he just walked into the gold en goldenigate ball room . labor expects say today's employment numbers are a step in the right direction -- golden bait ball room. >> the bay area newest 24-hour fitness is preparing to open its doors at walnut creek. >> we have 70 employees that we've hired for this location and so it's giving us the opportunity to spur some of the economic growth. new hires, job less claims dropped to 330,000, the lowest since 2008. >> east bay works say 1 stop
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career center in conford. >> there's 45,000 unemployed people. >> the national numbers are encouraging says paul. >> feels like we're nudging toward the right direction. >> the latest job data is encouraging. >> it's important when you're looking to switch careers to kind of know if that job will be around in the future. >> we're getting ready to get this thing launch. >> back at 24-hour fitness, the good news may be just beginning. we've got locations in fremont, and heyward. >> now, in addition to today's jobless numbers, the key leads economic indicator rose a half percent in december. >> we're live in conford. on wall street, results were mixed today.
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those jobless numbers gained 46 points on the do you. apple weighed on the nasdaq. it lost 23. in the south bay a persistent rain fell in the san jose area. people managed to get around fine despite the driz lie conditions. -- drizly conditions. he'll know what areas should expect more coming up. lawmakers and police touched by gun violence assistanted behind governor feinstein today. >> the 2013 legislation is stricture than the first ban approved back in 1994. this new bill would ban the sale of 150 types of military tile
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assault weapons, limiting magazines to 10 rounds. >> meantime, joe biden hosted a google hang out proposing gun control. the vice president's fire side hang out is a modern take on franklin d, roosevelt. >> in 2011, tonight's fun riser is the brainchild of giant's first base coach, tim flannery. >> 3 more concerts are planned this weekend, in mill valley, napa and santa cruz where he plans to hand a check to his family. >> a u.s. davis researcher pleaded not guilt to charges
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stemming from an closive at his apartment. -- explosive. he remains in custody in lieu 2 of million dollar bail. his attorney says the chemist had the attorney for research. the university says he was involved in testing compounds to treat kidney disease. >> a national guard unit based on in the south bay is on on its way to a war zone t. arrived at move fet field. they -- moffett field. 1 helicopter pilot said they tried to get to the injuries within -- injured within minutes. it is dangerous. >> federal investigators say a 787 dreamliner that got fire, they're examining the battery.
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it burned on board a japan airlines flight in boston earlier this month. all 50 dreamliners have been grounded worldwide while authorities investigate. st.anton's's dining room, marked the ground breaking for the new dining room today. the old facility was demolished after 6 decades of serving meals to the needy. it will be biggie with a modern kitchen and 90 apartment -- will be bigger with a modern apartments. >> it was a socialize and talk and -- it was to socialize and talk and we were happy. >> it is a place where we don't just talk about compassion, we act upon it. >> it should be finished by
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thanksgiving of 2014. residents of baby district, now have healthy food. the healthy eating act of living program is funded by kaiser permanent a. they typically sell sodas, now they sell fresh fruits, to help obesity and diabetes. for the second year in a row now, stockton street will be made more pedestrian and mer chant family mechant friendly. police arrested the man for you putting a hidden camera in a bathroom.
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>> he was arrested at a papa murphies friday. the store was booked into the county jail on suspicion of invasion of privacy. >> for generations, the 4 four it's finally taking shape. >> he was involved in the first niners dynasty, tonight, his take on the team headed to the super bowl. >> is iters showers showing now and will they carry into your bay area weekend? . well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse.
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. a water main break in merin left dozens of families high and dry. some roads were partially
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flooded and at 1 point, water was shooting into the hair from a fire hydrant. they worked on the pipe, while the water was off. the brunt of the grunt work is now completed and the fourth floor of the tunnel is you moving into the final phase. here's a look inside to show us what's taking shape and how soon it may open. >> the $400 million project can see light at the end of the tunnel. >> the we broke ground on january 22nd, 2010, and we're now about 75 or 80% complete. we are estimated to open to traffic in late 2013, we're on track to open later this year. >> it can stand earthquake anywhere, and will be in service in a few days. backups will be a thing of the
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past. >> cal trans, will be catering to north and southbound traffic. service that you'll riding on will be wait up here. >> many auxillary systems are not finished yet. the electrical system, the drain average system, all critical for operating the tunnel. >> and a 10-foot wide shoulder lane will allow stalled her wrecked cars to be pulled out of traffic lanes. >> coming online this year. >> this are actually the first tunnel projects by cal tranz in the entire state since the 1964 tunnel opened to traffic. >> 2-thirds the money came from uncle sam's stimulus funds and a third from taxpayers who wanted a better compute. ctvu channel 2 news.
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president obama has announce ed 2 more nominees to its staff, mary jo white has president of the exchange commission, she won convictions for the 1993 world trade bombing and put john gad i in prison. she would be -- gaggi in prison. the legal battle over those brats dols has taken another term. -- dolls have taken another turn. >> mattel originally sued mg assaying it society its idea but a jury found in waiver of mga. the counterclaims should never have reached the jury. san francisco twitter launch aid new video sharing
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service. it allows users to record 6 second long loops which can be imbedded in tweets. the brevity will inspire users. you need to clean up your image? a new app will let you delete questionable posts that may help you on a job. the app serves your facebook profile for inappropriate comments. then able to delete those items in that serve. >> manti te'o spoke how much he knew about the des epz. the 21-year-old -- deception talked to katy cuoric. >> he only learned of the hoax
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after the person he thought she was, called him months after he believed she had died of cancer. a 22-year-old man from palmdale has reportedly admitted the deception. harbaughs, today their parents accident jack and jackie says they are neutral about the outcome. in a conference call they were put to the test. >> a have a question from baltimore. is it true both of you like jim better than john? >> i do not like john more -- is that john harbaugh? >> yes, it was john harbaugh. try to pull off a little prank on the press line. the brothers and team team faced off once before on 2011 on thanksgiving. the ravens woun 16-6. >> -- won that game 16-6. >> this team is new floek. they're heading to the super bowl after falling just 1 game
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short last year. our john sasaki talks with a key figure of that niners dynasty. >> it's wonderful to have been part of the history. my first responsibility was flying out here with eddie for the final interview of a game named bill walsh. >> who led them to the super bowl victory 31 years ago today. >> we sat down in san francisco to talk about this year's team and what got them to the virge of a sixth championship. >> i think this coaching staff and these players understand the concept of flex biment. they know how to change andage -- flexibility. >> what about coach john facing him? >> probably until super bowl they're going to be johnny and
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jimmy go policy says it's great for the nfl and the fans. i love the fact that kaepernick had, i believe it was only 21 yards rushing against the falcons because it showed he's not a 1 pointer guy. >> who's going to win, as if you have to ask? >> my opinion, the 49ers will win this by more than 3 and a half pints and they're going to carry the sixth -- points and they're going to carry the trophy back to san francisco. >> he's enjoying watching their success from the outside. at candy stick park. mission impossible 3 director, jj abrams has taken on the next star wars movie. the web site, the rab rap saying
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-- episode seven7 is expected to be released in 2015. >> the 1 night where everyone wants to look their best. coming up, ensuring high school girls look fabulous on 1 of the most memorable nights of their live. chief meteorologist shows us the prospects for more rain ahead.
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. air quality managers have declared tomorrow, the 9th winter spare day of the season of the the light rain hasn't been enough to scrub unhealthy particles out of the air. no burning unless their source of heat. we've had a lot of spare the air nights and 1 tomorrow. it's interesting because it's raining. you don't usually see those types of warnings or issues when you have a wet pattern. there are some light winds. i'll show you what we've got. we're sandwiched between that. a weaker system to the north and south and scattered showers showing up throughout the area. you see a few showers here and a little heavier activity north and east of livermore.
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so showers continue. they should die down as we go into the 10:00 news. i'll be back on channel 2 and we will look at the latest. the most noticeable thing, temperatures are warmer. when we had that draw pattern, overnight lows were in the upper shirts, low 40s. >> forget the frost and freezing, but the ground's wet. we had fog some morning. you could see through it but i suspect we'll see fog again tonight. the dew point temperatures's reached -- let's a the duplicate 41 degrees in santa rosa tonight, right when that hits 41, that's the point where the water in the vary vapor rises and becomes fog. the duplicate is an indication of how cool temperatures will get overnight and how quickly fog will form. >> overnight if you have a
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duplicate that's really high like 55, we're going to have fog for sure because it's going to hit pifr. duplicates are high -- going to hit high. duplicates are high. it is out of here as we go into the next few hours and tomorrow temperatures will be on the mild side and bee will see a little bit -- we will see a little bit of sunshine. ski in gilroy, 62 in morgan hill. >> chance for showers on sunday, and that's about it. thank you, bill. in the south bay, volunteers are getting ready to help some teenagers. it's operation prom dress. organizers are taking donations of new or gently used dresses. in march, they'll give them to girl who is can't afford 1. she expects to offer coupons for hair and make up as well to go for the dresses. >> thank you for trusting ktvu
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news. we'll -- we'll see you at the 10:00 news. and the city of san francisco says no jumbo tron and no watch party for the super bowl. what is the city planning? a full report at 10. tmc is next on tv 36. so... [ gasps ]
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